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About Denis Murphy and Mour Graphics

    As a child I always Loved to draw, finding myself on the floor drawing never realizing that hours were flying by. Till this day I have the same problem I spend hours drawing but now it is with Adobe Illustrator. Or creating 3D scenes using Blender and other 3D software.

I have other skills also, Thanks to my father and older brother I learned to duck a punch! So through the years, whether it was defending myself from bullies or defending others. I developed a knack for staying calm under stressful situations such as fighting. So with the same focus as I had with drawing, some may call obsession. I can't walk away from something until I did it was done right. At 15 I started taking Boxing lessons which lead into Kickboxing, Karate then Judo. By the age of 33 I had accomplished Northeast Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship, Golden Gloves Championship, a 3rd Degree in Karate, regional Karate Championship and a Black belt in Judo.

So when you get too old to do some you love at a competitive level what do you do? You teach. In 1985 I open a Boxing and Kickboxing Gym in order make money doing something like. Not many can say that. I need to promote my business. So using my skills in drawing I designed my gyms Logo. (which you can viewed on my Logo page on this site) Anyone who has ever owed a business knows that there is more need to promote a business than a logo, there is Advertising, Boucher’s, Instructional Booklets and so on. To save money I decided to do it myself.

I started with Microsoft Office Publisher making Boucher’s, business cards, contracts instructional booklets. And because advertising was so expensive, Yellow Pages Advertising cost a lot! and only supplied you potential customers with a bit of little information. So in 1995 I saw the potential the World Wide Web, so much info available for my potential customer for so little money. Of course, I learned to build one myself, Online everything I needed to know how to do it was right there. My first site wasn't great looking but it gave my potential customers all the info they needed.

My wife had told me once, that I should go to Graphic Design school because of mylove for drawing and my ability work with computers. But I have no time I told her, and we left it at that.

In 2000 my wife was diagnosed with terminal Liver Cancer, we struggle with that till she passed away 2004. I have 3 children, 2 were still in diapers when she was first Diagnosed. Seeing that I might have to make a career change. Because the Gym Business is mostly nights and weekends. So thinking about what my wife said about Graphic Design School I took part of my wife’s life insurance and enrolled in Clark University for Visual Communications Full-time days and working at my gym nights and weekends. Which meant I needed a Nanny. For 2 years tried to do it all. But my kids needed to see me more and I them. So something had to give. In 2006 I walked away from my business of 21 years. To concentrate on my kids and Graphic Design. I always try to have it all, so I thought I'd Freelance so I could be around to raise my kids, again always wanting do the things I love to do. And I am.



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